Whether you own your home or rent a condo, you are bound to turn to your air conditioner during summer. While nothing lasts forever, air conditioners are built to run for at least 15 years, if not more. However, many homeowners wonder when to buy a new AC unit and how much the installation would cost.

When to Replace Your Air Conditioner?

As mentioned earlier, a branded air conditioner should work for at least 15-20 years. If you properly maintain your air conditioner and have an HVAC company tune it up once every year, the odds are your cooling unit will give you many more years of loyal service. When to replace your unit depends on when you begin to notice it working less efficiently than before. Listed below are a few troubling signs that may indicate you need to install a new AC.

  • Not Getting Cool Air: If your cooling unit is not producing cool air, there is probably something wrong with it. An air conditioner could develop myriad issues ranging from low Freon levels to a failed compressor. Call a technician to troubleshoot the problem for you. If you do not have a warranty and the repair is extensive, you may consider getting a new AC unit.
  • Poor Air Flow: If you are getting cool air, but you suspect that your cooling unit is no longer pushing air like it once used to do, you are likely dealing with an air conditioner that is in its last stages of life. Poor airflow could be due to damaged vents or even a faulty compressor. While these are issues that can be repaired, be sure to factor in the total cost to have the issue fixed. When the repair costs begin to rise, you must consider replacing it with a new unit.
  • Moisture and Leakage Around the Unit: Condensation around your air conditioner is normal, but an excessive leakage can be a telltale sign of a more significant issue. If you notice large pools around your AC, be sure to seek expert counsel. Excessive leakage that is unattended can lead to mold growth and other issues with your unit. A reliable AC contractor can help you assess whether it is time to invest in a new air conditioner.
  • Repeated Repairs: If you have had to call your HVAC company to fix the same issue numerous times, it is likely that you need a new air conditioner. Repeated repairs are an expensive affair, and you are better off investing your money in a newer unit that will give you years of loyal service.

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