Regardless of which season it is, having a heat pump in your home only helps make it more comfortable. This is used through the thermostat, which you can place in any room. As it is easy to regulate, you can live with the satisfaction of deciding what temperature you what your home to be at. However, heat pumps are not things that can last forever. They can wear out over time due to old age or parts that have stopped working. The first thing a person should do is look for a heat pump repair service near me to help in such a situation. We are Los Angeles Counties’ premier Air Conditioning Contractor.
    Problems that can arise with a heat pump
    The heat pump refuses to defrost: This is mainly an issue noted during the winter seasons, especially in extremely cold climates. If the pump gets too cold in normal circumstances, it automatically goes into defrost mode to prevent the accumulation of ice.
    The heat pump stops cooling or heating: This problem can be a normal occurrence with someone who has owned their heat pump for a long period.
    This can be caused to numerous problems like:
    • The air duct keeps getting blocked.
    • The air filter is clogged.
    • There is poor refrigerant inflow.
    • Strange Sounds Keep Coming – Though it might be usual for a heat pump to make weird noises and sounds, if this persists and becomes louder and irregular, it is a good idea to call for a heat pump repair.
    • The Heat Pump turns on and off – This is one of the few common issues that can cause frustration and stress to any owner. After several years, the heat pump may begin to wear down and may suddenly begin to switch on and off on its own.
    About Us

    Being among the top in the HVAC industry since 2002, Temp Air System Inc works towards ensuring that their customers receive the best heat pump repair and related services. The company provides highly trained technicians with over 20 years of experience equipped with innovative technology and top-grade products.

    The pillars of our company

    Team of Experts: With a team of highly qualified technicians always ready to assist, we ensure that our clients receive only the best and are always satisfied.

    Quality of Work: We provide high-quality products and use leading technology when on the job. This is to make sure that only a top-notch performance is done with no room for error.

    Availability: Because you could require any of our services at any point in time, we are always available around the clock to assist as quickly as possible.

    Financing: As we work with clients from different strata, having different issues, we ensure that various financial options cater to their specific needs and budgets.

    The Services you can Hire
    When you notice that your heat pump has begun to have any one of the various issues, it is time to call in the professionals. It is best to look out for a heat pump repair service near me who can then look at the problem and provide the best possible solutions. Some of the available services are: heat pump service, heat pump installation, heat pump repair, heat pump inspection, heat pump maintenance, heat pump tune-up, and heat pump replacement.