When it comes to staying comfortable year-round in La Puente, your heating and cooling systems play a large role. There are few things more irritating than having the hottest or coldest day of the year come around just to have your heating or cooling system go out. That’s why we take an in-depth look at your system to ensure that it is running properly and that there aren’t any issues that could be impacting your comfort.


    Our team will conduct an assortment of checks on your heating and cooling equipment. Following your inspection, we’ll tell you what we found and let you know how your system is performing.

    Some of inspections might include checks on:

    • Air filters
    • Blower compartments
    • Airflow
    • Electrical connections
    • Proper system operation
    • Clogged AC Drain Line
    • Installation
    • Condensers
    • Evaporator coils
    • Safety controls
    • Condensate drains
    • Refrigerant pressure
    • Gas pressure
    • Heat mode
    • Defrosting cycles
    • Heat ex-changers
    • Ignition and burner assemblies
    • Venting and clearances
    • And more!
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    Don’t stress about your HVAC equipment – leave that up to Temp Air System Inc in La Puente. Book your HVAC inspection online or give us a call. We’re ready to help you start living more comfortably.