Well, if this question ever crosses your mind, always remember the answer is no. No, you simply cannot run your furnace without an air filter. Technically, it might run for a few hours until it completely shuts off. Therefore, we suggest you never use your furnace without a proper filter.

For any furnace to function efficiently, it should be equipped with every essential part, and an air filter is one of them. Anyone with a non-HVAC would certainly not comprehend the complexities of furnace internals and filter necessities. However, you can grasp basic functioning ideas for fundamental HVAC working practices.

Is it Necessary for Every Furnace to Possess an Air Filter?

The answer here is yes. A furnace must be equipped with an air filter for proper functioning. The only way you can skip the air filters is if your home runs on a different HVAC appliance like boilers. But a furnace and a heat pump essentially run on filters, which cannot be turned around any other way.

A furnace air filter very cautiously inhibits any allergens from entering the return duct. Therefore, it strikes two birds with a single stone:

  • One, it does not let the allergens circulate the air you inhale.
  • Two, it prevents debris and dirt from reaching the blower fans, which avert several damages.

Thus, it is undoubtedly clear that all heating furnaces are designed to function with air filters. Heating elements are a vital part of the furnaces and should not be removed off from the furnace. As reputed contractors of heater inspection for years, we decided to outline various hazards of running a furnace without a filter. And here is our list:

Low Air Quality in Your House

The most fundamental reason why a furnace comes embedded with a filter is to prevent debris from surpassing the furnace. Because once the dirt exceeds the furnace, it reaches your house, and that could cause uncalled issues. One such being degraded air quality.

A degraded quality of air can cause several respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, etc. However, with air filters, your house will be secured and shielded against such hazardous allergens.

Damaging the Duct Area

Another significant fault that the lack of air filter brings in is a damaged air duct. With no air filters, the pollutants are at freedom to roam anywhere, and hence they can settle over dormant parts like ducts. There these pollutants can combine with moisture and contribute to mold growths, infesting your entire furnace in a single blow.

The Entire System Can Shut Down

Issues like health and safety hazards can easily be highlighted through filter absence. However, the problems of system failure are also rooted in the lack of a filter.

The primary function of every air filter is to arm the furnace. But with its absence, various dust particles settle over different parts and gradually derange the system.

Thus if you ever need good heater repair services, contact Temp Air System Inc.

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