Discover a Mini-Split System an ultra, energy-efficient, Ductless HVAC Solution from Temp Air System Inc.

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    The weather in La Puente, CA, is mostly sunny and humid, an indication that your HVAC systems would be working most of the time. It calls for reliable and energy-efficient air conditioning systems in your home, office, or other places of interest, such as hotels and restaurants.

    When it comes to the heating and cooling of your spaces, you have your eye out on utility bills. These bills can go quite high if you don’t use efficient HVAC systems with all the energy-saving features. This is where ductless Mitsubishi HVAC in La Puente CA comes into the picture. You need to install these ductless heating and cooling in your home or office to enjoy their efficiency and reduced energy bills. You probably have seen those small components placed on walls inside and outside of buildings. They are ductless systems, also known as ductless mini-split HVAC systems.

    What can you do to heat or cool a room you’ve added on that doesn’t connect to your ductwork? Or, what do you do to boost heating or cooling to a room that just isn’t as cozy as the other areas your house? Maybe your home office is cold in the winter and too warm in the summer. It’s not strange to need an HVAC solution for just one or two rooms in your home. Rely on Temp Air System Inc. in La Puente. We have a solution for you: a mini-split system.

    With whisper-quiet indoor operation and a condensed design that can blend with any room’s decor, these units heat or cool problematic rooms. What makes them even better is that they’re efficient with energy ratings of up to 22 SEER* and 10.20 HSPF**. The bottom-line is home comfort that won’t break your budget.
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    Why use Ductless Mitsubishi HVAC in La Puente CA

    Ductless HVAC systems heat or cool only those rooms or spaces in which they have been installed, unlike the central unit counterparts that control the temperatures of the entire home or business premises courtesy of the ducts. But ductless units have various benefits that would make you choose them over central systems.

    How ductless HVAC systems work

    Ductless HVAC systems work just like their name suggests: without ducts. They cool indoor air without the need for any piping or ducts. Unlike their central unit counterparts that cool the entire home, ductless systems cool only the room where they are installed, hence, no need for any piping.

    Like the central HVAC units, ductless systems suck the heat and humidity in your indoor air and dump them outside. However, these two types of HVAC systems do have their fundamental differences. While ductless units blow cool air directly into the space where they have been installed, the central units channel cool air through ducts, supplying it to different rooms in your home. Here are the three major components of ductless Mitsubishi HVAC units:

    The evaporation unit/ blower: This component sits on your indoor wall, sucking the heat and moisture out of your indoor air, and blowing the cool clear air right back into your spaces. It then channels the heat and moisture collected from your indoor spaces to the atmosphere outside via a conduit.

    Conduit: This is the cable containing other thinner cables for the refrigerant, power, and condensate drain. This cable directs the heat and moisture collected from indoor spaces to the outside. It connects the indoor component (evaporation unit) to the outdoor unit (condenser).

    The condenser: This outdoor component works to dispel the moisture and heat from the indoor spaces safely into the atmosphere.

    Types of ductless HVAC systems

    Before you purchase ductless Mitsubishi HVAC systems in La Puente CA, you will need to consider the type of ductless units most suitable for your spaces. They are divided into two, and you should select the most convenient unit for your home or purpose. Here are the two types of ductless Mitsubishi HVAC units: Single-zone ductless: They connect a single indoor unit to a single outdoor unit, controlling the temperature of a single room, or space, hence, the name single-zone.They are suitable for people who want to heat or cool a single room or indoor space. Multi-zone ductless: If you will be controlling the temperatures of several rooms in your home or office, you will need multi-zone systems. They connect a single outdoor unit to several indoor units (one unit for every room).

    Air filtration function

    When you use the ductless Mitsubishi HVAC in La Puente CA, you won’t only be cooling or heating your indoor air. This system goes beyond this basic functionality to make your indoor air safer and healthier for breathing. Additional functions are achieved through its innovative multi-part filtration system that removes contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, and allergens from the air. The unit also helps snuff out strange odors from your rooms, giving you the peace of mind and comfort to stay indoors.

    Ductless Mitsubishi HVAC systems feature the following innovative filters: Blue-enzyme, anti-allergen filter: You may want to look for ductless units that feature this filter since it isn’t available on all of them. It rids your air of bacteria, viruses, and germs. It is also responsible for trapping other unwanted particles, such as dust, pollen, mites, and any other undesirable materials floating around in your indoor spaces. This makes for cleaner, safer air for breathing. Hybrid filters:
    This filter absorbs all the odor-causing gases in your home. You will never have to worry about strange odors from the outside creeping in on you while you’re indoors having a quiet moment with yourself, or your family. You need to keep these filters working at their optimum for the best results. This means that you will need to put in a little maintenance. It’s nothing complicated or costly since you only need to clean them, and they will last for the next 10 or so years. They are easy to clean, so you won’t have to spend too long to have them sparkling.
    Here are some of the benefits of going ductless:
    • Quite versatile: Unlike the central units which heat or cool all the rooms at the same time, ductless systems allow you to control the temperatures of each room independently. For example, you can switch the system in your bedroom or kitchen if not occupied, while the one in your living room continues to function.
    • Cheaper to install: For older homes without ductwork, it is cheaper to install ductless systems since you won’t need to lay any pipes. Energy-efficient: Up to 30% of conditioned air is lost through leakages in ducts leading to wastage of energy. Ductless systems use energy more efficiently since there are no ducts to leak.
    • Less obtrusive: The indoor units look sleek, perched on the wall, and are even smaller, hence, less obtrusive.
    • Make zoning possible: Install them in different rooms, and use a remote controller to adjust the temperatures in each room.

    The benefits of Ductless Mitsubishi HVAC in La Puente CA go beyond just heating and cooling your spaces. If you wish to experience these benefits, you could consider partnering with us to install the systems for you. Contact us for more details.

    Easy to install, mini-split air conditioners and heat pumps efficiently put air into your room. In contrast to window units that leave your home vulnerable to insects, weather and home invasions, the mini-split system’s installation helps keep your home safe. The indoor unit is affixed to your wall and is connected to the outside unit through a small hole in the wall. Whether you need a mini-split heat pump or a mini-split air conditioner, Temp Air System Inc has a unit that could help.

    Call Temp Air System Inc in La Puente at or schedule your appointment online to find the right mini-split system for your home. Our specialists are also available to repair your existing mini-split system. We look forward to hearing from you today!

    • SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, measures the cooling efficiency of your air conditioner or heat pump. A higher SEER rating means greater energy efficiency and more savings for you and the environment.
    • HSPF, or Heating Seasonal Performance Factor, measures the heating efficiency of your heat pump. A higher HSPF rating means greater energy efficiency, more savings and is better for the environment.