What is a Pearl Certification?

    Pearl Certification focuses on education and ensures that homeowners are equipped with the necessary knowledge to keep their houses performing at their best. It can be applied to any existing home that meets the program’s requirements, regardless of when it was built. The certification could help boost the value of your home, as a recent study found that pearl-certified homes have a 5% sales price premium.

    Through the Pearl Certification system, you can see how your home performs and how you can improve it. Each step in the process is included in a report that provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your home’s performance. Only the most highly-rated contractors can offer this type of certification.

    Pearl Certified homes are evaluated on a point-based system. Here are the areas where a home can earn points:
    • Building Shell – windows, walls, roof, foundation
    • Heating and Cooling — HVAC and ductwork
    • Baseload – electronics and appliances
    • Home Management – energy management and smart thermostats
    • Renewable Energy and Energy Storage – solar panels, batteries, inverters, EV chargers

    Working with a Pearl Certified Contractor

    Working with a Pearl Certified ContractorTemp Air System Inc. is trusted to provide highly trained specialists, exceptional customer service, and quality systems adapted to your family’s needs. Our team can deliver you even more benefits that boost the efficiency and worth of your house because of our partnership with Pearl Certification. We can provide you with the necessary services to meet the standards of the certification program. We can help you ensure that your home meets the requirements of the Pearl Gold, Pearl Silver, or Pearl Platinum certifications.

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    You’ll benefit even more when working with a Pearl Certification Contractor at Temp Air System Inc.. Call us today to find out how we can help your home!