Imagine it is a cold day in December, and you’ve been out Christmas shopping all day. You are eagerly thinking about going home, settling down comfortably in the warmth of your furnace, and enjoying your favorite show. You open the door, only to find it strangely cold inside. Upon a close inspection, you realize that your furnace has stopped working and you need heater replacement.

Dealing with a furnace that breaks down in the middle of winter is no fun, but it does happen, and that’s why it is important to know what exactly to do next.

Do You Smell Gas?

Walk around and check to see if you notice a rotten egg odor in any part of your house. If you suspect a gas leak, you and your family must leave the house with no further ado. Contact your gas company and stay away until they send out their team to check out the leak.


If there is no gas leak, the next step is to troubleshoot. Many times, a furnace problem could be due to something relatively simple.

To analyze the issue check these things:

  • If the pilot light is on
  • If the fuse that runs your furnace has blown out
  • The circuit breaker or thermostat is broken

If you discover any of the above-listed problems and feel confident enough to fix them yourself, your furnace will be good to go in no time. However, if you are unsure about your handyman skills, call an HVAC contractor to diagnose and fix your furnace.

Insulate the Indoors

Be sure to close all doors to rooms that you do not use to keep most of the warm air inside the house. A good idea will be minimizing the movement in and out of your house since every time someone opens the door to step outside; you are invariably letting in cold air. You will also do good by closing the drapes and hanging blankets on windows to minimize the flow of cold air into your house.

Keep the Pipes Warm

While you wait for the HVAC technicians to walk through the door, ensure that the water pipes are kept warm. When a furnace breaks down, pipes begin to freeze, especially in winter. To avoid this from happening, you can place a portable propane heater near the main water pipe to keep it from freezing. You may also open the cabinet doors right beneath your sinks in all bathrooms and the kitchen to keep the pipes warm.

These are a few steps that will help keep you warm and avert other complications while waiting for the heating contractor to diagnose and fix your furnace. If you are dealing with a malfunctioning furnace and looking for a heater installation in La Puente, the Temp Air System Inc technicians are here to help. We have several years of experience in fixing all kinds of furnace snags and issues. Call us today!

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