Your air conditioning unit not only eliminates heat from your place, but it further removes moisture as well. During the humid summer days, an air conditioning unit works more effectively to remove the moisture from your indoor air, and that moisture can be collected in your unit. This accumulation of moisture can additionally lead to clogged drain lines. This blockage of the drain lines can lead to more elevated damage. Hence, it is always advisable that during the humid summer days, you must regularly schedule an air conditioning service in La Puente, CA to avoid heavy repairs in the long run.

How Does An AC Drain Line Get Clogged?

The water that accumulates in your air conditioner’s condensate vessel comprises bacteria and other small particles coming from the air. As it drops into the sewer line, the water goes behind a deposit that can develop to produce algae, fungus, and even damp clusters of dirt and grime.

Since the drain or sewer line channels to the outdoors, it is further possible that clogs can develop from that point. If the sewer line exists in a very grimy place, it could be jammed with a dirt pool. And if you haven’t utilized your air conditioning unit in a while, the drains can easily get clogged.

To avoid such problems, you must always perform regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit either yourself or call up an expert for maintenance or air conditioning repair in La Puente, CA.

What Can You Do To Fix A Clogged AC Drain Line?

Excessive water accumulation due to higher humidity levels and dirt and debris can lead to a clogged AC drain line. Cleaning a sewer line needs specific tools, prominently a wet or dry shop vacuum and perhaps an air compressor. If your air conditioning unit is positioned in your attic, it will additionally need working up there, probably in a compact space. If you’re incapable of doing this or lack the tools, you should leave this job to a professional for air conditioning repair in La Puente, CA.

However, if you wish to try clearing the clogged line by yourself, you are required to commence by discovering your air conditioner’s condensate drip vessel, which is customarily placed at the base of the system. Delicately slip the vessel out and use a dry or wet vacuum to extract the water.

Subsequently, you should try to unblock the sewer line with suction or air pressure. You can attempt cleaning the drain line from either end, but the difficulty will arise in forming an airtight fastener around the vacuum line. For this, you can utilize an air compressor to blow air into the drain tube and decrease the prospect of future drain clogging.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning out a clogged drain line is not a DIY task for every homeowner. If you have a clogged drain line in your air conditioning unit, it is always better to call a professional for AC repair in La Puenta, CA.

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