There’s nothing worse than going home to a freezing house. Some furnaces will inevitably break down this winter. What are you going to do to make sure yours isn’t one of them? Surprisingly, replacing your filter and keeping your furnace clean are the most effective strategies to keep your furnace in good working order.

Dust and debris clog house air filters, causing your furnace to work harder and finally stop it from working. A clean air filter prevents your furnace system from getting damaged and, ultimately, failing.

Heating and conditioning specialists like Heater Tune-Up La Puente recommend replacing your furnace filter once a month for a reason: IT GETS DIRTY!

Problems Caused Due To Dirty Furnace Filters

  • When the filter becomes clogged, airflow is restricted, forcing the air handler to work harder, which might cause it to overheat and shut down for safety reasons.
  • Worse, if your filter becomes fully covered in dirt, it enables some dirt to get through. This dirt can cover the blower wheel and motor of your furnace.
  • Dirty filters can also cause the motor to overheat, causing the furnace to fail. If your ignitor is filthy, it might short out, causing the furnace to shut down.
  • In addition, if your furnace cycles on and off too frequently, your safety switch may activate and shut down your furnace to prevent it from overheating.
  • Dirty systems must also work harder, and the harder they work, the more likely they are to fail. Furthermore, the less efficient it is, the more energy it consumes and the higher your power costs.

You’re probably wasting money and risking a breakdown if you check your system and find it unclean, or if it’s been more than a year since you had a tune-up or a professional inspect it. For a furnace checkup and cleaning, contact any heater inspection services. It will help you save money on utility bills and possibly a late-night emergency call.

Inefficiency of Furnaces

Filters that are clogged are a common cause of the inefficiency of furnaces. Because air filters trap dust, filth, and debris like hair, they can slow or stop crucial airflow over time, burning the heat exchanger and preventing your furnace from working properly. Filters should be changed every three months or as suggested by your machine’s manufacturer.

Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual to replace your old filter with a new one from your local discount or hardware shop. In the most extreme situations, a clogged furnace air filter might harm the furnace’s internal components. If the furnace won’t turn on, it’s because the fan, pilot light, heat exchanger, pressure switches, gas valves, or other components are damaged.

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