Having a properly working furnace is not sufficient. You need to maintain its parts. If you want the best output from your furnace, you should know its important parts. It will help you in accessing which of the furnaces need more care and maintenance. Learning about the parts of your heating system will give you multiple benefits.

For example, you can easily locate and fix a defective part. It will save you from expensive breakdowns and reduce your inconvenience. Your home will stay more comfortable and warm. Some of the very significant parts of a heating unit are the blower motor, evaporator, thermostat, heat exchanger, condenser, and combustion chamber.

Important Parts of A Furnace

Heat Exchanger:

A heat exchanger is a part of your heating system. It works when your thermostat activates the furnace by absorbing the heat and warming the cool air. The main body of a furnace consists of stainless steel. Its body contains a temperature resistance alloy to avoid cracks and other damage.

The heat exchanger mainly causes carbon monoxide leakage that is very dangerous for your house. It can cause nausea, headache, or even death. To prevent this situation from happening, you should call your HVAC professional for your heater inspection in LA Puente.

Condenser Coil:

A condenser coil or compressor is part of the heating system that is installed outside the house. It keeps your home cool by throwing the warm air into the outdoor air. It would help if you kept checking and cleaning your condenser coil. Once per year, clean the dirt, fallen leaves, and other debris. You can also plan periodic heater inspections in LA Puente.

Blower Motor:

A blower motor is an electronic machine that powers the fan so that it can blow warm air into your home. The feature of variable speed in your blower motor helps control the flow of air in your home. If you found anything abnormal in it, plan heater inspections at LA Puente immediately.


An evaporator can be attached to a furnace or located within the air handler. Its primary function is to absorb the heat that is present within the house. If you feel that the heat isn’t getting absorbed sufficiently, you should not delay reaching out to a heater replacement LA Puente company.


A thermostat is one of the fundamental parts of a heating system, and it controls the amount of heat to be delivered to the furnace. There are various types of thermostats available in the market – smart thermostats, programmable thermostats, and non-programmable thermostats. You should ensure that your thermostat isn’t exposed to direct sunlight to avoid false readings. If your thermostat is not working efficiently, you might have to call an expert for a heater replacement LA Puente.

Combustion Chamber:

The heating cycle starts within the combustion chamber of a gas furnace. The gas burners surround the combustion chamber, and hence they are an integral part of the furnace. If they are not maintained properly, the combustion chamber might release hazardous gases like carbon monoxide.

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