It can be tough to keep an HVAC system in good working order. If you’ve recently moved or had a new system installed, you might not even be aware that there’s an issue. On the other hand, air conditioning cycles can be an excellent indicator of whether or not your system is in good working order.

The time the air conditioner is running to cool your home is referred to as an air conditioning cycle. If you are unsure about the running cycle of your air conditioner after reaching temperature, it is best to look for AC repair in Covina.

Many Things Can Influence The Running Cycle of Your Air Conditioner, Such As:

  • Thermostat Setting: Your air conditioner can only manage a certain temperature difference between inside and outside your home. If your thermostat setting is adjusted at 65 degrees and the outside temperature is 100 degrees, your air conditioner will have to operate continuously to keep up. Consider lowering your thermostat temperature to a more manageable setting.
  • Air Leaks: Air leaks can form in your ductwork and around the doors and windows of your home. Because these leaks enable conditioned air to escape, your air conditioner is forced to produce more cool air, and it operates more frequently than it should. To avoid this, make sure that your home has no leaks for the air-conditioned air to escape.
  • Small AC: When you purchase a new air conditioner for your home, your contractor should ensure that it is the proper size for your home, not too large, not too little. Because it isn’t powerful enough to fulfill your home’s cooling demands, it will constantly run if your air conditioner is too tiny. The only way to solve this problem is by installing an air-conditioner with a capacity that suits your home correctly.
  • A Really Hot Day: It’s vital to remember that your air conditioner will run more frequently than usual on exceptionally hot summer days. Don’t be alarmed because as the weather cools down to more reasonable temperatures, the cooling cycles of your AC will return to normal.
  • Dirty Coils: Your air conditioner will have a significantly hard time eliminating heat from your home if your cooling coils are unclean. That’s why it’s crucial to have them cleaned as part of a yearly tune-up. Or contact us for the best Covina air conditioning repair services.
  • Condition of Your AC: Air conditioners lose their capacity to chill your home as they get older effectively. Several system components may become inefficient, requiring your air conditioner to operate for a considerably longer time than before to keep your house nice and cool. Not only will a new air conditioner have smaller cooling cycles, but it will also use significantly less electricity.

It is wise to get a tune-up from a reliable air conditioning repair in Covina, like us. To schedule any HVAC services, call us or drop an email at

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