Furnaces have become a significant part of the home. It helps to maintain the in-house temperature comfortably. Furnaces are continuously running to keep the temperature intact. Like any other machine, it will depreciate with time and intensity of usage.

Homeowners must fix routine maintenance with furnace repair in Covina, CA, to increase the lifespan and efficient functioning of the furnace. One must keep a close eye on the unit to save themselves from the agony of replacing the furnace, and increasing their utility bill.

Some Ways To Diagnose Furnace Problems Are:

Check thermostat batteries

Many times, when the thermostat is low on battery, the furnace stops functioning at its best. If you have a digital thermostat, open the panel and do the light dusting. Try replacing the batteries. After reassembling the panel, set it to “heat”, not cool or auto.

Also, during winter, homeowners should set the temperature at least 5-degrees higher than the prevalent room temperature to make the furnace work efficiently. If the temperature is set less than the in-house, it puts strain on the furnace to produce warm air.

Check the air filters

Dirty air filters are one of the causes which affect the functioning of furnaces. Furnace filters get dirty with dust and other pollutants which come from inside the residence. Clogged filters often disturb the quality of airflow, thus obstructing the flow of air inside the residence.

With disturbed airflow, it becomes hard for the furnace to function properly, and it gets overheated. It can even be a sign of a potential fire hazard by causing premature breakdown. Experts suggest that one must check the filter every month to keep it working efficiently. And if found dirty, one must reach out to heater maintenance in La Puente to get it replaced.

Look out for the pilot light and gas valve

The furnace flame may go out. You must wait for at least 15-20 minutes to relight the pilot light. It is better to be safe while lighting the furnace. One must read the user manual for proper understanding. High safety precautions are to be considered while working with pilot lights and gas valves.

Homeowners should also check if there is any sign of gas leaking. If you can smell the gas even after 20 minutes, it may indicate a leak. One must evacuate the house and call for help.

Look for blue flame

A blue flame indicates a healthy furnace. It shows that the furnace has efficient fuel, and all the mechanisms involved are working fine. Homeowners must keep a close eye on the color of the flame.

If the flame turns into yellow, purple, green or red, it means the fire is out and is a sign of trouble. It signifies that parts of the unit are having a hard time completing the function. One must not ignore these signs and reach out to heater maintenance in la Puente.

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