One of the most important parts of the winter is staying snug and warm. Of course, staying comfortable is vital throughout the year, but during the winter it is even more crucial. Winters in La Puente are unpredictable and the coldest days can often appear on us, sometimes when your furnace is unprepared. So, before you find a specialized technician, here are a few things you can check first:

  • Check your filter – grimy filters are one of the most widespread causes of sudden furnace failures. Air has a harder time floating through filters once they are filthy, causing the system to shut off sometimes. The older the furnace, the more difficult it might be to detect the problem, while newer furnaces are created to find clogged and dirty filters before further issues arise. Swapping furnace filters every month or so can prevent these troubles and keep you comfortable.
  • See if your batteries are weak or dead – keep incessant tabs on your thermostat batteries to make sure that there isn’t a flashing low battery light or indicator on your thermostat. If there is, it’s time to swap out the batteries on your thermostat.
  • Ensure that your thermostat is set to “heat” – it can be easy to neglect little things like the settings of your thermostat. Verify this crucial step, especially if there was a relevant rise in temperature that may have caused you to change the “heat” setting.
  • Check your switches – in your home’s circuit breaker panel, discover the breakers that run your furnace:
    • [Ensure|Guarantee|Confirm]48] that the switch is on the spot. If it is Off or in the middle of the two positions, change the breaker to Off and then reset it too On.
    • The switch that looks like a light switch should also be in the On, or Up, position. It can be misidentified as a real light switch, which is why it is usually the issue with furnace troubleshooting. Once it’s back On, the system will only take a few minutes to reboot.

Working through these steps is a simple and effective way of ensuring the effectiveness of your furnace before you set up a call to your La Puente professional. If there are still problems after you have worked through these steps, you will have a much wider idea of how to update your [[technicians|specialists|experts}69] on what the issue might be. If you have questions or need to schedule a repair, call Temp Air System Inc. in La Puente

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