If you’ve been suffering from respiratory discomfort, you’ve probably made appointments with your doctor, but the appointment you may not have thought to make that could make a difference is for duct cleaning.

A lot of people don’t understand all of the benefits a qualified duct cleaning can offer. If you’ve recently undergone a remodeling project or perhaps you moved into an older home, a duct cleaning is something you’ll want to add to that ever-growing to-do list to ensure the air throughout your home is fresh and healthy.

There are some signals you can look out for to prove that it is time to schedule a duct cleaning. If you note any of the subsequent signs, call the professionals at Temp Air System Inc. in La Puente about booking an appointment for a professional duct cleaning.

  • Detectable mold growth within your ductwork or any of your HVAC components
  • Extra dirt or dust around the house, caused by a recent remodel or the age of the home
  • If you note any evidence of insects or rodents in your ducts

There are numerous benefits to having a professional duct cleaning such as the peace of mind that the air in your home is clean and won’t adversely impact your health, but another advantage is that it could help improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. Pollutants in your ductwork and HVAC unit cause it to work harder, which negatively impacts the efficiency and life of your system. The more improved efficiency, the lower your utility bills.

Staying healthy and cozy in your home is as important to us as it is to you. We want to help you boost your indoor air quality and your energy efficiency in the process. If you have noticed any of the signs, we mentioned above give Temp Air System Inc. in La Puente a call at (800) 630-0082 or set up an appointment with us online.

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