A smart thermostat works under the same basic principles as a standard one. Its purpose is to regulate the air conditioning and heat in your home. What sets these devices apart from traditional thermostats is that they offer additional features. You can access these features using an app on your phone or through voice commands. This added flexibility and convenience can translate to a sizable reduction in your energy bill if utilized correctly. Depending on the unit you’re using, there is the potential to save hundreds of dollars a year using a smart thermostat.

Let’s look at the various ways to reduce your energy costs by utilizing a smart thermostat.

Simple Interface

A traditional thermostat can be difficult to read and program. Smart thermostats have easy-to-see touchscreens, and most models will walk you through the setup and programming process. You may even be able to control your thermostat using your smart phone.

Some models will automatically determine what the optimal temperature settings are for your home in order to achieve the most efficiency. Being able to avoid mishaps by having easy-to-read displays and trouble-free programming will help prevent any unwanted utility bill surprises.

Remote Access

Sometimes, we forget to turn off the lights, lock the door or adjust the thermostat when we leave home. A smart thermostat can allow you to control your air conditioning remotely. Smart thermostats can be controlled right from your phone, laptop, or other mobile device, so you can be sure to adjust your HVAC system from wherever you are. This kind of remote control can have a big impact on reducing your energy bill.

Energy Use Tracking

If you have ever used a financial app that tracks your spending, you know how powerful it can be to have that kind of information in front of you as a motivator to develop good habits. Your smart thermostat allows you to monitor and track how you are using your energy, providing valuable insight into your patterns of energy consumption. Some examples of information included are how long your HVAC system has been operating, the current climate and forecasts so that you can set your thermostat levels in advance, and personalized recommendations for maximizing your efficiency. All of this data can make a significant difference in how much energy you use.

Voice Command Technology

Sometimes adjusting your thermostat comes down to not wanting to get up from the comfortable spot where you’re situated. There could also be scenarios where you or a loved one is injured or there is a mobility issue that can prevent making an adjustment to the temperature when it is needed. Thankfully, with a smart thermostat, you can make adjustments to the temperature of your home just by voice command. There is no reason that the temperature of your home isn’t where it should be at any given time. This can help ensure that your energy consumption is not excessive.

Customized Technology for Your Unique Needs

In the past, your only options for controlling the heating and cooling in your home were setting the heat or air conditioning with a simple timer, turning them off, or running them perpetually. This has all changed with the introduction of smart thermostats. Now, you have the capability of setting different temperatures in particular rooms if you also have an HVAC system that is set up for zoned temperature control.

You also have the capability of dialing in the exact time you will want to utilize your HVAC. For example, you could have one temperature set for while you are sleeping and then another for your morning routine before work. You can then have it set to be off while you are gone during the day. Then, you can program your HVAC system to turn on an hour before you get home so that the temperature is just how you want it when you arrive. This type of adaptability can be a major contributor to how much money you save on your energy bill.

Giving You Maintenance Reminders

Routine maintenance of your system is a crucial part of reducing your energy costs. It serves to keep your HVAC running at an efficient level, thereby keeping your energy costs low as well as preventing the need for costly repairs.

During a routine maintenance check, a technician will check for several things that could contribute to higher energy costs. For example, just cleaning the coils can save you up to 15%. Removing any scale that has built up on the condenser coils can save up to 30%. Adjusting the tension to prevent any V-belt slippage can save up to 20%, and simply cleaning the air filter can equal a savings of 15%.

While it may be clear how much routine maintenance can save you on your energy bill, a busy lifestyle can prevent you from scheduling an appointment. Your smart thermostat can actually set reminders for you so that you know when it is time to have routine maintenance performed or when to change the air filter.

Better Utilizing Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can contribute to savings on your energy bill. You turn on your ceiling fans counterclockwise during the summer and clockwise during the winter. In the summer, setting your fans counterclockwise allows them to push the air downward toward you, which simulates a cooling effect. During the winter, by setting your ceiling fans to run clockwise, the blades pull the cool air upward while pushing the warmer air down. Using your ceiling fans, you can adjust the temperature in a room by as much as seven degrees. This means that you can adjust your thermostat when it is in operation and still maintain the desired temperature without running your equipment as much.

While this is a fantastic idea in theory, sometimes, it can be difficult to remember to put it into practice. The programmability of smart thermostats makes it so that you will not have to remember to change your thermostat. You can program it to happen automatically during times when you know that you will typically have your fans running.

Speak to a Professional About Smart Thermostats

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Not only can we provide assistance in upgrading your system to include a smart thermostat, but we are also able to handle any repairs, maintenance, and installations of any heating and cooling equipment that you might need. We also offer indoor air quality assessments and water heater installations. We are also dedicated to finding the solutions for you that are going to be the most energy-efficient so that you can see a reduction in the cost of your utilities.

If you have questions about smart thermostats and if they are the right choice for your home, give our team at Temp Air System Inc. a call today.

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