Living in comfort in the summer can be taken for granted, especially until you encounter a taste of anxiety with an air conditioner breakdown. It can happen at the worst moments; you’re eating lunch and suddenly realize how warm your kitchen feels or you can’t fall asleep at night because you are so warm wrapped in your covers. Think you’re feeling this uneasiness? It might be an occasion for an air conditioner replacement.

Oftentimes, it isn’t the thermostat’s mistake; the settings can be working properly, but it still says that the temperature is above 80 degrees. It’s most often caused by an old or faulty air conditioner that needs a call to the experts to find out what’s wrong. There are many reasons why air conditioners stop working, especially taking into consideration the weather in La Puente. Here are some things that you can examine before you call Temp Air System Inc. if you think your air conditioner has stopped working:

  • Broken outdoor fan motor: There is a fan motor on your external air conditioning system that helps flow the heat from your home to the outdoors. If you examine your system and find that the fan isn’t running, it means that the heat transfer isn’t transpiring, causing the warm air to stay in your home. This problem can also trigger overheating of the compressor and other likely internal destruction to your system.
  • Dirty filters: It’s one of the most familiar troubles that Temp Air System Inc. sees. These filthy filters in your air conditioner decrease appropriate airflow, affecting the air quality in your home, which is problematic when allergy season strikes. Dirty air filters can also reduce the efficiency of your home and raise your monthly energy costs.
  • Blocked air flow: Always search for a barrier or obstruction in your return-air or supply-air grille. This can cause your air conditioner to waste efficiently and reduce speed.
    TIP: Make sure the grilles aren’t concealed by furniture or other home items, too.
  • Outside obstructions: good air flow could be also slowed down from outside barriers close to your system, such as shrubbery, trees, lawn chairs, etc. When the airflow is deterred, it can change its cooling capacities. Make sure that your system is free from obstacles and is cleaned routinely to lower the likelihood of air conditioner replacement.

Once you’ve worked through these four systems checks and your air conditioner still isn’t operating, here is a list of questions and tests that you should check and answer to get your system up and functioning again. (Only move on to the next question if the system doesn’t turn on after doing the step before it):

  1. Is your thermostat temperature fixed below the indoor temperature?
  2. Is your system switch in the COOL setting?
  3. Is the outdoor unit power supply switch ON?
  4. Is the furnace/air handler power supply ON?
  5. Is your house fuse box/breaker box intact or has it blown a fuse or tripped a circuit breaker?
  6. If none of these things change your system function, call Temp Air System Inc.

Don’t let an air conditioner malfunction or replacement keep you up at night. If you follow these tips and keep your system under regular maintenance, you should have your air conditioner operating again in no time. Our team at Temp Air System Inc. in La Puente is always here to be of service – give us a call.

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