During the summer months, you expect your air conditioning system to run without any trouble. But unfortunately, you may face issues even with the best air conditioning system at times. So, what to do when you find your air conditioning system is not working correctly? Don’t worry! The HVAC experts at Temp Air System Inc. are always there to help you troubleshoot and fix your air conditioning system and make it run correctly.

Here is a list of some of the common problems which may help you identify a solution.

Your AC Not Blowing Cold Air:

A simple work of the air conditioning system is to cool down your house. If you find that your AC is not blowing out cold air, you need to ensure that all the vents are open, and the thermostat is set correctly.

If these are not the problems, the next thing that you need to check is the air filters. If your air filters are clogged with dirt or other debris, you won’t get the proper airflow. The evaporator coils of the AC can get frozen due to the clogging, and the ice and frost may desist the airflow.

You can clean the air filters of the AC with a soft brush, water, and mild soap if needed. You must clean the air filter at least once every month and change them whenever required. The cooling of your AC may also get affected if there is any problem with the fan or the fan motor of the AC. In such a case, you need to call and ask an HVAC expert to visit and inspect your AC unit.

The Air Conditioner is Leaking Water:

If your air conditioner is found to leak water inside or outside your house, you need to know some facts. During the humid summer days, it is common seeing a little splash of water under the condenser unit. But if you notice any water leakage inside your home, you need to take the correct action to avoid further costly damage to your air conditioner.

The water leakage inside your home might be due to the clogging of the condensate drain line of your AC. You can use a dry or wet vacuum to unclog the line. But if the problem doesn’t get fixed even after that, the drain pan could have caught rust, or the condensate pump may have broken down. In either circumstance, you need to ask a Temp Air System Inc. technician to replace or repair the damaged parts.

AC Fan Is Not Working:

When you face a problem with your AC fan or find it not working, check if there is tripping in the breaker. If that is not the problem, you might need to check the air filters.

If the air filters are blocked, you know how to fix them. If there is ice formation on the evaporator coil or refrigerant lines, you need to wait for the ice to melt, and then recheck the fan. If you find that the issue did not get resolved even after this, the next probable reason can be a frozen coil. If the coil is frozen, it requires to get serviced by an HVAC professional.

The Temp Air System Inc. technicians may help you solve the problem by replacing the fan belts or other contacts inside the fan relay. They can even replace the motor if needed.

You may also find other problems related to your AC, apart from those included in the above list. Make sure that you schedule an annual checkup of your AC by an expert air conditioner technician from Temp Air System Inc. by calling. Your air conditioning system will last longer with a regular checkup.

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