Urban tales and various internet searches may tell you that dust is made up of human skin, but that is not entirely factual. The skin makes up a minuscule percentage of dust, but it is a variety of things. If it’s not skin, what is dust made of and how is dust affecting your home’s indoor air quality?


Dust in your home derives from two places, outdoors and indoors. The dust from the outdoors is brought in by humans. This dust consists of soil or pollen that is clinging to our clothing or through open windows. The dust brought in from the outside is approximately two-thirds of the dust in our homes.

Dust originated indoors and is made of several diverse culprits. An extremely minimal part is human skin. The majority of indoor dust is made up of furniture and carpet fibers and if you have a pet, pet dander and fur.

Dust Mites

Where there is dust there are also dust mites. If you’re feeling daring, a quick search online will show you what they look like. If you’re not feeling so bold, think about a tiny arachnid that’s the primary source of food is dead human skin cells. Dust mites make up a major portion of dust and their droppings are the leading cause of asthma and allergy irritations according to a study published by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. While they are indulging in dead skin cells they are thriving in humidity. Maintaining the proper humidity of your home can decrease the influence of dust mites.

What are the solutions?

Temp Air System Inc. has several indoor air quality solutions and the professionals at Temp Air System Inc. in La Puente can help you find the best choice for your home’s needs. We carry a PureAirTM air purification system that fights off all three classes of contaminants and is the only single indoor air quality system to do so. We offer a wide range of whole-home humidity control options to keep those dust mites at bay. We also offer whole-home ventilation systems which help bring fresh air into today’s tightly sealed homes.

Our team at Temp Air System Inc. in La Puente will work with you to keep you healthy and comfortable in your home. If you have any questions about improving your indoor air quality or anything home comfort related give us a call. We look forward to working with you.

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