Do you know how essential air filters are to your furnace? Or shall we notch down a bit here and frame a different question? Like, did you know your furnaces come with an embedded filter called the air filter? Well, we could go all day shooting additional questions, but as experts, we come here only with answers.

A major portion of the American population is yet to know that their furnace possesses a series of filters that shield dust pollutants from outside. And this state of oblivion is what makes them pay three times the value of their actual repair. Therefore, as a reputed heater inspection HVAC company, we decided to discuss air filters.

Why do Furnaces Have Air Filters?

A furnace consumes the external air when it undergoes various working stages, and that external air is loaded with outer dust and debris.

This dust and debris could act as an allergen if not filtered through air filters when the warm air passes the duct. These allergens could then be inhaled by you, leading to several respiratory problems.

However, there is one major drawback here: the filter has no extermination methods. It can obstruct the allergen flow to your house but cannot dish out the debris it collects. And that is why it requires regular cleaning and replacements

Problems That May Arise Due to Prolonged Unchanged Air Filters

Here’s a list of issues that might occur if you do not opt for heater replacement to replace your air filter. An unchanged air filter can:

  1. Pose a significant safety hazard: A dirty filter is a hub of burning safety and health hazards like:
    • Fires
    • Respiratory issues
    • Overheated furnaces that may cause short circuits
  2. Shortens your furnace’s life: Typically, a poorly working filter could add to many internal damages, thereby ultimately shunning the system. A series of uneventful damages could subsequently destroy the internal intactness of the system and shorten its life.
  3. High costs of bills: A dirty filter clogs up the surroundings and obstructs every single ounce of air passing through it. Overall, the workload increases, efficiency decreases, and hence the power consumption grows exponentially. If you ignore your air filters for very long, you might end up paying more for your utility bills. Thus, it is suggested to change your filters regularly.
  4. Short cycling: This is a significant mishap that happens when the air filter clogs completely. The clogging spreads like wildfire until no amount of air can surpass the system. This causes the internal network to trap the heat, and subsequently, the limit switch activates to prevent any overheating. This can avert the problem to some extent but will entirely shut down your entire furnace. This condition is called short cycling.

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