Technology has brought us very far. Who would have thought that people will be able to create certain climate zones by using air conditioning? Nonetheless, even if technology is getting advanced with every passing day, machines cannot always be relied upon. There are chances of failure.

AC uses several components to regulate the temperature of the surroundings. All these components operate together to integrate all functions. However, sometimes you may require services of air conditioning repair La Puente to deal with the faults in the HVAC system. Various unforeseen reasons cause these faults.

Reasons why the AC compressor has stopped working

The function of the compressor is to compress the refrigerator gas and pump it into all the units of AC through coils and heat pumps. Furthermore, it is also called the heart of AC. Following are the reasons why the AC compressor stops working:

Clogged coils

The AC compressor has to expel the heat out of the HVAC system to start cooling. However, if the coils are mugged with dirt and contaminants, the heat cannot be pushed out through the compressor, putting pressure on the system.

Blocked drain lines

The drain lines can get damaged without any warning signs. You will only get to know when the damage has been done. The increased pressures and high temperatures result in overheating. This overheating becomes the reason behind the compressor failure.

Bad refrigerant charge

Refrigerants are chemicals inside the AC that are responsible for cooling the environment. However, if there are cracks and holes in refrigerant lines, you may need AC repair, La Puente. In such situations, the compressor cannot bear the pressure of pumping continuously and stops working.

Electrical failures

Electrical failures have a lesser probability, but they do occur in ACs. They tend to build acids, which later result in damaging the compressor. The compressor has a chance of getting repaired even if it has been affected by electrical failures.

Indirect drain size

The drain lines of the AC are to be proportional to the size of the AC. Incorrect size of drain lines can lead to leakage of refrigerant since the refrigerant has to pass through the drain. It is mostly a consequence of a technician’s fault while fixing the AC.

Can it be prevented?

Yes, compressor failures are preventable. However, if you replace the compressor with a new one and do not work on the underlying problem, the new compressor is likely to fail.

Several preventable measures shall be taken to ensure that the lifecycle of AC does not get shortened. Furthermore, it is advised by the experts to get your AC serviced at least twice a year. This helps in keeping it efficient.

If your compressor has failed suddenly, we are here to help you. Temp Air System Inc. provides all services relating to suit conditioning. Our professional technicians can reach your home or workplace to repair the components with expertise. You can contact us to get emergency services in La Puente for your AC.

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