With spring underway and summer imminent, it’s time to set up all aspects of our lives for the warmer weather, and that includes our homes. It may not be time to use your air conditioner just yet, but you should still be contemplating how you will stay cool this season in La Puente. The top way to make sure that you will have a comfortable summer is by switching on your system now before it gets too warm, and you realize that you need air conditioner service. Here are a few tricks to make sure your system, and your house, are prepared for the heat:

Try it out now!

It is important to give your system a test run as soon as you can. You don’t want your air conditioner to shut down on the hottest day of the year and make your home grossly warm. Instead, positioning your thermostat to its cooling mode and allowing it to run, even for a few minutes, will be an excellent check that can save you a lot of future problems. Make sure that cool air is moving into your home, and if it’s not, here are a few things to inspect before calling the pros at Temp Air System Inc.:

  • Make sure your system was set to cool. It’s a common mistake and one that is made regularly, but if you haven’t flipped your thermostat from the heat setting, cool air won’t be running. Simple setback, simple solution!
  • Check the unit outside. Reassess to see if there are any obstructions around your systems, such as items or dirt, that can clog your air flow and cool air production.
  • Change your filters. As always, this step is vital to enhancing the functionality of your air conditioning system. With fresh and new filters, your cool air will be cleaner, and it will create a simpler environment for air to flow through.

Once you’ve tested things out – your system is programmed to cool, and the unit and filters are clean – and you still aren’t receiving any cool air, it’s time to call in the specialists if there are issues. Annual air conditioner service should be on your radar right now nonetheless, so now is the ideal time to look at every piece of your system before the summer hits. The specialists at Temp Air System Inc. will not only solve the current difficulty at hand, but they will also deal with any small possible future issues that could turn into bigger concerns later.

Chances are that if your home isn’t cooling easily, your system might be deficient in refrigerant based on low levels or possibly a leak. If you observed that ice was established when you inspected your outdoor unit, that may be an indicator that you need more refrigerant. During an air conditioner maintenance check, our specialists can deal with any leaks in your lines or refrigerant shortages.

Everyone relies on their air conditioner to survive the summer and it can be easy to forget how crucial your system is to your summer relaxation. Don’t fret about your air conditioner failing instead, be practical about assessing and servicing your system before the heat wave hits. If you have any questions about your system or want to schedule that annual air conditioner service, call our experts or set up an appointment with us online.

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