Every homeowner will agree that propane heaters are convenient and nifty. A good and reliable propane heater can work as a backup when the power goes out, keep you warm on a camping trip, and cozy when your furnace malfunctions. However, the trick lies in using them safely and scheduling heater tune-up regularly.

Most homeowners wonder if propane heaters are safe to use in the bedroom. The answer to the question is simple. Indoor propane heaters are not just easy to use but also safe as long as you adhere to a few common safety tips. For instance, if your propane heater needs to be vented, ensure that there is good ventilation in your living space. It is important to remember that propane is extremely flammable, and you must exercise caution while using a propane heater.

Types of Propane Heaters

Propane heaters are available in two types: Outdoor and Indoor. All indoor models are designed and built with features that make them safe to use. It implies that you are all set for a safe and cozy experience if you buy an indoor propane heater. Outdoor models are best suited for the outdoors, where good airflow is in conjunction with a reliable carbon monoxide detector. Therefore, you need to double-check the type of heater you purchase when buying one for indoor use.

What Differentiates Indoor & Outdoor Propane Heaters?

The main difference between an indoor and outdoor propane heater is how the unit handles smoke. It is a no-brainer that burning anything produces smoke and other byproducts such as carbon monoxide, which poses serious health risks when inhaled.

The best way to differentiate outdoor and indoor propane heaters are how they take care of smoke. When propane gets burnt, it produces smoke, fumes, and other byproducts. It is important not to breathe in any fumes. Breathing carbon monoxide, in particular, can be deadly. In outdoor models, carbon monoxide is blown away by wind and air currents. It means you do not have to worry about carbon monoxide levels shooting dangerously high. However, using such a unit indoors can be a disaster.

Indoor heaters are a blessing in disguise. These heaters are used in enclosed spaces such as your bedroom. The carbon monoxide that these heaters produce has no place to go. Indoor heaters, therefore, have inbuilt automatic shutoff switches that are in turn wired to oxygen sensors. When there isn’t enough oxygen in your bedroom, the heater will shut off right away. It prevents carbon monoxide from building up to dangerous levels that can be poisonous to your entire family.

Certain indoor propane heater models are also sold with carbon monoxide detectors. These detectors installed at a distance from the heater get an accurate reading of the room’s CO levels. When the carbon monoxide levels shoot up, the detector will go off, allowing you to turn the heater off.

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