Nothing is better than walking into a frosty, air-conditioned room when outside temperatures are too hot with a humid atmosphere.

But when your AC breaks down and you call in for air conditioning service in Glendora, that’s when you know how the air conditioner operates a cooling cycle that cools the evaporator coil by rapidly expanding the refrigerant.

The AC fan draws air over the coil and pushes air through the ducts that lead into the rooms to lower the overall temperature. This cooling cycle works for a few minutes until the temperature is adequate. It is then turned off to save energy and prevent the air from becoming too cold inside.

The Short Cycle of An Air Conditioner

The compressor can remain on for minutes to hours, depending on the air temperature and humidity level. Sometimes the compressor will shut down before the air cools, which is called a short cycle. Though, there is no set time limit for a short cycle. This usually goes unnoticed unless it happens really quickly several times in a row.

If your air conditioner unit operates more short cycles of 7 minutes or more than 10 minutes, this surely indicates a problem. Short cycles will lead to overloading problems for your air conditioner, leading to unnecessary electricity consumption due to frequent on and off processes. It will also result in a humid environment around.

Look for an air conditioner repair service near you to resolve this issue as soon as possible. If the problem of short-cycling prevails, it can cause severe damage to the internal parts of an AC, or it can lead to a breakdown.

A Normal Cooling Cycle of An Air Conditioner

The longevity of the functioning of an air conditioner depends on four things:

  • Home insulation efficiency
  • Weather
  • Size of the AC
  • Proper functioning of AC

An air conditioner cooling cycle is supposed to last till the home feels completely cool. There is no fixed duration. Instead, the cooling cycle is designed to draw cooler air inside the home until the desired temperature on the thermostat is reached. But when the house begins to heat up, it naturally shuts down at that moment and re-starts again.

As suggested by experts, the cooling cycle of an AC is supposed to last for at least 15 minutes. In this duration, the compressor and air handler distribute the desired cooling inside the room. But when this normal cycle is disturbed and reduced to 10 minutes, we can call this a short cycle that needs prompt repair. So look for AC service near you if the need arises.

If your AC has short cycles, you must check if the air filter is blocked and needs replacement. You can also put a new filter to resolve this issue. If it doesn’t, we can help you with quality service at fair prices on time.

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