Nothing beats curling up in your cozy house on a chilly winter evening. But can a furnace run continuously? While your furnace usually performs admirably, have you ever worried if it’s up to the par? Do you know how long and how often your furnace should operate?

We’ve done the homework on how long a furnace can operate continuously for you!

Average Run Time

A furnace unit’s average run time is 10-15 minutes per cycle. But many certain factors affect the length of your furnace’s heating cycles. The outdoor temperature is one of the most crucial aspects. The colder the air outside, the faster the temperature drops inside, and the longer your furnace runs to compensate for the cold.

Another consideration is the temperature at which your thermostat is set. The closer you get to the furnace’s operational limitations, the longer your furnace will have to run to keep your home at that temperature.

Even if your furnace is functioning at optimal efficiency, these external factors might affect the length of your furnace’s heat cycles. It’s not always a sign that your furnace is malfunctioning if it runs longer or shorter than usual. If you see extended or short heating cycles on a regular basis during moderate weather, you should call a professional technician for heater inspection in La Puente.

Possible Problems

If there is no obvious external reason for extended or short heating cycles, your furnace may have an internal problem. In such a case, you must call a trained technician for your heater maintenance in La Puente.

The possible issues with your furnace could be:

  • Excess Heating Capacity: During a heating cycle, your furnace is designed to provide a particular amount of heating capacity. If this capacity is not utilized for any reason, it can cause your furnace to overheat, causing it to shut down prematurely to save its parts.
  • Filter Clogged with Excess Dust: If the furnace filter is clogged with dust, the system will be unable to pull in enough air. Since the heat exchanger relies on the incoming air to regulate its temperature, it can overheat.
  • Bad Thermostat: A malfunctioning thermostat might cause your furnace to operate in cycles that are either too long or too short. Your thermostat might cause your furnace to operate sporadically if it senses the wrong temperature and does not send a cut-off signal timely or if the battery is expiring.
  • Heat Exchanger Failure: If your heat exchanger is twisted, broken, or otherwise damaged, it will take longer for your furnace to heat your home.

Keep in mind that constantly using your furnace can be very costly. If your furnace is not properly shutting off after each cycle, seeing an expert is highly suggested. Temp Air System Inc. is always at your service to solve all your furnace and heating problems. Give us a call today to book an appointment for professional heater maintenance in La Puente!

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