Did you realize that your heat pump can lose efficiency over time? While unavoidable wear and tear during the years will cause some impact on your heat pump’s efficiency, the main culprit when it comes to heat pumps losing efficiency is lack of maintenance. Ensuring you have regular heat pump maintenance performed is the number one way you can keep your heat pump operating as it should and probably save some money on your utility bills.

At Temp Air System Inc., we advise biannual heat pump maintenance. At our visits, we will inspect your heat pump for any probable problems and recommend repairs if they’re needed. We’ll also make sure your heat pump is clean and make any necessary adjustments. A critical part of a clean heat pump is a clean air filter. Even though we will change your air filter during heat pump maintenance, you can help keep your heat pump efficient by taking a look at your air filter throughout the year.

ENERGY STAR® recommends changing your air filter every month. You may need to change it more or less frequently, depending on your filter type, your system, and the environment in your home. For example, if you have pets, you may need to change your air filter more frequently than someone who doesn’t. By checking your filter every month, you’ll start to understand how often you should change it.

Air will flow more freely inside your home when you have a clean filter. You’ll see the improved air quality in addition to a positive increase in heat pump efficiency. You could also lengthen the life expectancy of your heat pump by keeping its filter clean. That’s because your heat pump needs to work harder when you have a dirty air filter and that puts unnecessary wear and tear on its components.

Another thing that could reduce your heat pump’s efficiency is leaking ductwork. If your ducts have any leaks, holes, or poor connections, it forces your system to work even harder to efficiently deliver air throughout your home. And even though your heat pump will be working overtime, you still may not be as comfortable as you expect it to be. If you are questioning how well-sealed your ducts are, ask our experts at Temp Air System Inc..

Your heating and cooling system are responsible for roughly half your home’s energy usage, so having an efficient furnace is key. At Temp Air System Inc., we can help confirm your heat pump is operating at peak efficiency. Call us today to book your annual heat pump maintenance.

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