The reason why we use ACs is to handle the summer heat. We do not mind keeping our ACs on 24*7 to keep our home cool and comfortable during the summer season. But you need to give your AC some rest after long-running hours.

Issues in Using ACs Excessively

Summer heat is a big challenge in Glendora. To handle it, people use their ACs for a lot more hours than they should. If you are one of them, then be prepared for some unavoidable problems with the AC.

Your electricity bills will be hiked, the AC may face severe damage, or may completely shut down. And you will end up looking for an air conditioning repair in Glendora, CA.

It would help if you tried other ways to keep your house cool during the summer so that you can give your AC a break. In this way, your AC will stay away from damages, and your electricity bill can be kept from exceeding.

Here are some ways to keep yourself and your house cool without the help of your AC:

Traditional Methods

Try common methods to keep yourself cool. Wear cotton clothes that do not cling to the body, drink lots of water to stay hydrated, dab your body with a wet cloth to cool down, or use screens to keep sunlight from entering the house. Or try planting trees that provide shade.


The thermostat has many features that owners are not aware of. With the help of those features, owners can program the thermostat to keep their electricity bills within limits.

For example, keep the thermostat at 77-78 degrees when you are home, and raise the temperature by 10 degrees during the night. Program the thermostat to the settings back to the normal ones before your arrival.

It will significantly decrease your electricity bill, and your house will always stay cool.

Look for AC installation in Glendora, CA, if your thermostat is old or you cannot understand its features properly.

High-Heat Appliances

Avoid using high-heat appliances like dishwashers, clothes dryers, and ovens during the day. They release a lot of heat, and the house is already hot when the sun is out, so the AC will have to work harder to keep the home and appliances cool. Try to use them at night only.

Ceiling Fan

Last is the most common method, turn on the fan. Using your ceiling fan while the AC is not working is a common practice of cooling your room and yourself.

A fan alone cannot cool the room itself, but it can work best when the AC is resting. Switch on the fan and open the windows. The cross-ventilation will be strong enough to keep you cool, and you may end up switching your AC off.

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