Once you have installed your air conditioner, you have to ensure that your service and maintenance are the same properly. Without proper AC maintenance, the machine will not be able to run smoothly for a long time. Along with ensuring the smooth functioning of the system, AC maintenance is also needed for keeping electricity bills under control. All AC installation companies in La Puente recommend AC servicing and maintenance to enhance longevity of the compressor, condenser and other valuable components of the machine. You will also be able to avoid costly emergency AC repair in La Puente with little maintenance.

Mentioned below are some important maintenance tips which will help in saving a good deal of money:

  • Check the Thermostat–Check if the thermostat is responding properly. Check if the temperature in your home is being regulated the way you want. In case there are problems with the thermostat, think of getting a programmable thermostat. The advantage of such thermostats is that they can be personalized as required (for home/when away from home) and are highly efficient. It has been seen that these thermostats help in saving on utility bills as well.
  • Clean the Air Filters or if Required, Replace Them –A lot of stress is exerted on the air conditioner to cool your house and circulate cold air throughout the house. And the air passes through filters in the machine. Dust and dirt tend to get trapped in the filter and become dirty. If the filters are washable, clean them at regular intervals of 60-90 days. If they are not, replace them. Clean filters mean higher efficiency of the system and low utility bills.
  • The Outside Unit Should Be Clean–The outdoor unit of the air conditioner is as important as the indoor unit. You must regularly check that the outdoor unit is clean and that there are no overgrowths of vegetation. If possible, gently rinse the outdoor unit ensuring that water doesn’t enter the unit. Rinse away debris, dust, dirt, mold, mildew, dryer lint, etc. to clean the unit. Also, clean the concrete slab so that there is no obstruction in draining of water from the unit.
  • Ensure That the Drain Lines Are Clear–When the air conditioner runs, water is drained from the system via a drainpipe. For the efficient working of the air conditioner, the water must be drained out properly. When debris, dirt, critters, or algae clog up the drain line, water passage is restricted, and water flows back dripping into the home. Unclean air also starts circulating in the room with this problem.
  • Let the Outside Unit Breathe; Keep Plants and Debris Away–Plants might grow around the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. This might restrict the air circulation from the unit. Thus, it is recommended to keep a minimum distance of 2 feet from the outdoor unit if there are plants around. Also, clear if there is any debris near the unit as well.

If you want to avert emergency AC repair in La Puente, pay heed to the maintenance tips recommended by the AC installation companies in La Puente.

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