Furnaces are heavy-duty machines built to last for years to come. However, like every other machine, they have an expiration date too. The gradual wear and tear over the years make them susceptible to more breakdowns and repairs despite timely maintenance. If you suspect your furnace is about ten years old and is breaking down too often than it should, you may want to look into replacing your heating system.

We have put together five tell-tale signs that help you identify a dying furnace.

  1. Increase in Energy Bills
    If you have noticed a persistent rise in your energy bills and cannot trace it to any specific reason, your furnace is likely consuming more power than usual. If your furnace receives its timely service and has been well-maintained throughout the years yet still consumes more power, it might be a sign that it’s close to expiration and requires a replacement. A heater inspection at La Puente can give you detailed insights into such fluctuations in your bills and the condition of your furnace.
  2. Increase in Breakdowns and Subsequent Repairs
    It is advised to get your HVAC systems serviced before a period of heavy usage. However, if your furnace keeps breaking down or is lacing performance despite routine service and maintenance, you may want to consider buying a new furnace. Given their years of continuous service, a furnace has few internal components that do not respond to routine checkups and repairs. It can be expected as most furnaces begin to show signs of inadequacy after the 10-year mark.
  3. Inadequate or Uneven Heating
    If you begin to notice hot and cold spots in your rooms or one of your rooms colder than the rest, it may also indicate a failing furnace. Such discrepancies may also be caused by other issues such as duct leaks or blower motor issues. However, if your furnace is anywhere north of ten years in age and receives routine maintenance, it is more likely that your furnace requires a replacement.
  4. Unidentified Noise
    Besides the mechanical humming, if you notice a quaint, loud noise every time you switch on your furnace, it might indicate a broken internal component. Some of these components wear out over extended periods of use, and replacing the entire furnace is advisable instead of repairs that do not always guarantee performance given the years of operation.
  5. Evident Rusting
    Rusting in any machine is not a good machine. Your furnace is responsible for many moisture exchanges during its operation; therefore, rusting becomes inevitable. It is true that your appliance has layers of protective coatings and paint jobs to keep this extreme issue in check. However, after years of operation, such layers erode too, thus exposing the appliance to rust.

A heater inspection in la Puente can identify the level and spread of rust and whether or not you need a furnace replacement.

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