The term “air pollution” usually makes you think of the air outside your home. Actually, indoor air quality can be just as bad as outdoor air. It makes sense. People are spending more time indoors and our homes are becoming more energy-efficient, which means homes are air-tight and trap contaminants inside. You ought to know what’s negatively influencing your indoor air quality to make it better. Here are three typical problems with your indoor air quality.

  1. Humidity Levels
    Managing humidity levels can be difficult. Higher amounts of humidity can assist with the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. Small amounts of humidity can harm your mucous membranes and increase the likelihood of contracting a cold or flu and heighten other respiratory problems. Plus, the furniture and woodwork can be damaged by both low and high humidity levels. Lucky for you, you can balance your home’s humidity levels with humidifiers and dehumidifiers.
  2. Allergens
    The most frequent indoor allergen is dust mites. Their droppings are one of the most frequent causes of asthma and allergy symptoms. Since dust mites like pillows and bedding, your bedroom is a sanctuary for allergens. Another big culprit is pet dander. So, if your pets are in your bedroom, even more allergens are building up. You can decrease the number of allergens in your bedroom by washing your bedding frequently and using a vacuum with a HEPA filter. You can take getting rid of allergens to a new level with a whole-home air filtration system. A professional from Temp Air System Inc. can walk through all your options and help you select the perfect system for your needs.
  3. Household Chemicals and Odors
    While people may think it’s logical to conceal bad household smells with air fresheners, they can cause health issues—like eye, throat, and lung irritation—from the chemicals used. This can also hold for lots of household cleaners. Plus, these dangers can be even more threatening to children and elderly people with respiratory issues. These health risks are even more reasons to consider a Lennox® whole-home filtration system.
  4. The air in your home should contribute to your health, not hurt it. We want to offer our expertise to ensure you have the best indoor air quality you can. To schedule an in-home air assessment or inquire about indoor air quality, call us.

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