When an air conditioning unit stops generating cool air, it could be influenced by many problems. Although, one of the most widespread problems is that the evaporator coils have frozen up. When your air conditioning unit works, condensation accumulates on the coils, and it gets frozen by the cool air flowing through them.

Operating your air conditioning unit with a frosted component can severely damage your unit. However, that does not mean you always have to wait for a professional for air conditioning repair in Glendora to arrive and defrost your frosted air conditioning unit. You can easily perform a quick fix with some basic electrical appliances in your home, like a hairdryer.

How To Easily Defrost Your Air Conditioning Unit At Home?

For many homeowners, calling up a technician for air conditioning service in Glendora can be an additional expense. Due to this, many homeowners in Glendora prefer performing some DIY repairs to defrost their air conditioning unit.

Mentioned below are some quick fixes that you can try if your air conditioner unit has frozen up. (However, you must note that these all are just temporary fixes, and you must always rely on a professional for such repairs.) –

Use A Hairdryer To Defrost The Heat

You must be surprised to know this, but using a hairdryer can be the most accurate way to defrost your air conditioning unit. You can use a simple hairdryer or a blow dryer and run it after pointing towards the evaporator coils. However, you must ensure that you do not run the hairdryer at a higher temperature. It can damage the internal parts of your air conditioning system and lead to breaking down or other serious issues.

If the air conditioner unit is getting frozen due to the accumulation of dirt and debris, it can easily be rectified by using a hairdryer. Although freezing is arising due to low refrigerant or a faulty thermostat, it can only be rectified by a skilled expert.

Leave The System Untouched For Some Time

Another quick fix that you can try to defrost your air conditioner unit is to leave it unused for around a day or two or use it only on the fan mode if required. Doing this will allow your endlessly working air conditioning unit to take some to calm itself down and defrost itself on its own.

Defrosting your air conditioner unit at home with the help of a hairdryer or other quick fix is a great idea that can save you a lot. However, at times such DIY repairs do not last long, and the very problems start occurring persistently that can further damage your AC.

Thus, it is always prudent to call up an expert for air conditioning service in Glendora. If you are looking for a reliable HVAC contractor in Glendora, feel free to get in touch with our highly proficient team, who can take care of all your AC repairs, maintenance and installation.

To get in contact with us, go to our website at https://www.tempairsystdev.wpenginepowered.com/ to learn more about our HVAC related assistance.

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